May 27, 2004

Various Artists "Metaphysics for Beginners"

I like good comps. I like good comps that have a mix of bands that I already love and a collection of great artists I've never heard of, and though comps are a dime a dozen, that one really trully good compilation record is indeed rare. I've gotta say that Redder Records' newest compilation, Metaphysics for Beginners, is one of those good comps. After just one glimpse of this record's artwork--really cute comic-book style imagery by Chip Wass-- it's really hard not to fall for this record.

As for the music, it's a great collection of young indie-rock bands, many of whom already were on my crush list. Zykos' remix of "Kodiak" transforms singer Michael Booher into a diva of electronica. (I still owe him a hug.) Saturday Looks Good To Me offers up "Record Store," a great track from one of their impossible-to-find Cd-R releases. There are great songs by Detatchment Kit, The Gloria Record, Kind of Like Spitting, The Ghost and Sufjan Stevens, too. I'm most in love with the exclusive Make Believe song, "Brittany's Favorite Version." It sounds like classic Joan of Arc, yet it also sounds like something completely new.

Metaphysics for Beginners is simply a nice little compilation of some great--and unfortunately obscure--indie-rock artists. If you're looking for a fun record, then you could do a lot worse than this little collection.

--Joseph Kyle

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