May 21, 2004

Detwiije "Six Is Better Than Eight"

England's Detwiije is a five piece instrumental noise-rock band. Though they've got a bit of a harder edge to their music, there's a sensitive side to their music, and they've got that pretty/ugly thing going on in spades. They temper loud guitars with gentle, haunting violin and glistening guitars--witness the lovely title track--and I'm impressed with their ability to make a wonderful atmosphere with just the most basic of instrumentation. Two of the songs, "La Guerre des Mondes" and "Waltz" are eight minutes long, and those songs are so epic and grand that the time just flies by, and you're left wanting more. Six Is Better Than Eight is better than most American post-rock bands that make this kind of music--and goodness knows there are a LOT of them. A definite keeper, and one that certainly will pique your curiosity.

--Joseph Kyle

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