May 04, 2004

Steinbecks "Branches and Fronds Brushing the Windows"

Australian popsters The Steinbecks have been around for nearly a decade now, but they've only released one full-length. Their latest record, Branches And Fronds Brushing The Windows, finds the band's indie-pop stylings maturing quite nicely, thank you very much. The six songs found here are definitely the work of expert songwriters, and the brothers Meadows seem incapable of doing no wrong. From the mellow, laid-back groove of "Morell Bridge" and "Mens Suit Hire" to the rocking "Song For Today," The Steinbecks have perfected their indie-pop forumla, and it would really not be surprising to see them considered as an inspiration to younger Australian pop groups. If you're a fan of literate pop then this record will really make you happy. Who cares if they don't have a desire to have more full-length albums to their credit? Records like this are quite filling, even if it's too short. Better to have a small taste of perfection than nothing at all...

--Joseph Kyle

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