May 18, 2004

The Radio Dept. "Pulling Our Weight"

Yay! Swedish pop makes me smile, and I'm a grinnin' fool over The Radio Dept.'s new record, Pulling Our Weight. This young band won a lot of critical acclaim with their most recent full length album, Lesser Matters, and this five-song EP is more of the same. The mellow "Pulling Our Weight" is gentle pop, even though that main riff reminds me of a Cure song that I can't place offhand. It's followed by the dreamy "We Climb The Wire Fences" which is a dreamy song with vocals so soft, you might miss 'em if you didn't listen for 'em. The other three songs--including the brilliantly titled "I Don't Need Love, I've Got My Band"--are more of the same gentle, soft Swedish indie-pop. If you've wanted to check out The Radio Dept., Pulling Our Weight is a great starting place.

--Joseph Kyle

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