May 06, 2004

On My Signal "Software Version 113"

I'm really excited about this band! This new band from New York have a loud 'n' crunchy sound that's reminscent of the late, great At the Drive-In, but On My Signal aren't quite as abrasive or weird. Nope, their music is surprisingly poppy and accessable and thought-provoking at the same time. Software Version 1.1.3 is their four-song debut, and it's as promising a debut as you could get. They bookend the record loud and rocking "You First" and the louder "Ecuador Landform," but inside the hard rock shell are two slower (and more intense) songs, "With Radium" and "Selfish Deconstruct." For a debut, they already sound strong and poised for great things, and their artistry is indeed promising. You'll want to seek this one out, folks. (Awesome packaging, too--you gotta see it to believe it.)

--Joseph Kyle

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