May 17, 2004

Carl Henry Brueggen "Idler"

Double wow! Carl Henry Brueggen's second EP, Idler, is much more expansive--but never less brilliant--than his debut EP, Cinzanon & Cocaine. Part of this is due to the fact that his backing band has now expanded from eight to thirteen, and this new expansion includes a string section. No, he's not going all Polyphonic Spree on us, but he is getting close to Tito Puente Orchestra-size, and that's perfectly fine with me! Indeed, it's obvious with the first bars of "Idler" that adding a string section was a very good idea. The other two songs, "Man's Favorite Sport" and "Rum Toddy" are very much in the same vein as his previous work--all soothing, cool South American acoustic-guitar based jazz, and it all sounds very fine. The one problem? Too short! Mr. Brueggen, por favor, a full length, hermano!

--Joseph Kyle

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