May 24, 2004

superfallingstars 'swimming across the sound'

Pop! Connecticut's Superfallingstars have decided that the world needs another crunchy jangly indie-pop record, and I can't help but agree with their decision. This trio (now a duo with the recent departure of bassist JJ) are making pop that's inspired equally by garage rock of the sixties, British indiepop of the 1980s and 1990s pop-punk. You might not think that such a combination would work, but, surprisingly, the combination works for Superfallingstars, and it's helped to create a nice little debut record, Swimming Across the Sound.

They waste no time in getting to the point, allowing their simple genius to take control of your listening experience. Lead singer Mike sings with love and the pains of love in his heart and a punk-rock snarly smirk on his face, all the while making you feel for him when he sings about the love that break his heart, the girl that he wants to see and the man he wants to be. Songs like "Gravity Girl" (which sounds like the missing link between the Razorcuts and Mr. T Experience), "It's Over" and "Better Off" (which, in a weird way, reminds me of a punk rock Simon & Garfunkel) are clearly the tearjerkers of the season. The only downside to the record is JJ's singing--his voice is really deep (reminds me of Crash Test Dummies, actually) and it doesn't seem to fit the overall crunchy pop style, though he does a great version of the Smiths' "Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want." (He's written some of the best songs on the album, though.)

This is a fun little debut, one that doesn't bullshit around about getting down to business. Superfallingstars are fun, sassy and sweet--just what you need for a summer party! Here's to the future, guys!

--Joseph Kyle

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