May 21, 2004

Towers of Hanoi "s/t"

I would like to think of the debut EP by Towers of Hanoi as a live show--mainly because I don't have a tracklisting for it, and I'm going on the experience of listening to their record somewhat blind. It's okay, though, because the band has a definite raw, live sound that I really like. This band from Gainesville, Florida is as indebted to indie rock as it is to classic rock, and that's a GREAT thing. The songs are punchy and in-your-face, but you can't help ignoring their secret weapon--it's that voice. Rachel Whitton has a powerful, immediately striking style that's grand and unfuckwithable in a way not seen since Mia Zapata or Kat Bjelland--which the world needs more of! Even though this EP is their debut, I'm definitely curious as to what they'll sound like with a more polished recording. An exciting record!

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