May 26, 2004

This Microwave World "Love Your Zine, Let's Go To Bed"

\Okay, I'll admit it, the thing that attracted me to this EP is that title--believe you me, it's one of those top-ten things zinesters want to hear. This Austin five-piece are doing the whole post-punk/new wave thing, and Love Your Zine, Let's Go To Bed, the band's third EP, is a fine collection of grooved-out rock music. From what I've been told, This Microwave World recorded these songs live in the studio with a minimum of overdubs, and it sounds like it. Though they occasionally sound garage-rock (such as the excellent "A Model Life" and "December Was A Sham"), you won't mistake them for the Strokes. When their songs are tempered with synths, there's a definite punk-funk element that some might compare to Gang of Four. ("Fun Fun Fun" sounds like a sedate !!!, if you ask me.) Genre comparisons aside, This Microwave World is simply a fun band. Nothing wrong with that, and there's certainly nothing wrong with Love Your Zine, Go To Band. This young band has a promising future.

--Joseph Kyle

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