May 11, 2004

Carl Henry Brueggen "Cinzano & Cocaine"

Wow! Carl Henry Brueggen was the guitarist for the utterly noised-out art-rockers Mount Shasta, but you wouldn't know it from listening to Cinzano & Cocaine, his debut EP. He's traded in the noise for bossanova, baby, and this three-song single is simply yummy! These songs are straightforward South American jazz, with nary a noise racket to be heard. Brueggen is backed up by an eight-piece jazz band, and the music they make is wonderful, sun-drenched bossnova, with gorgeous female sighs, congas, piano, stell guitar, vibes, and just a hint of rum. Or is that rhumba? From the gorgeous, upbeat title track, to the hula of "Sea-Sprite Hula" and the mellow "Teen Jackpot," Cinzano & Cocaine is a wonderful--albeit way too brief--slice of jazz. Great stuff!

--Joseph Kyle

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