May 08, 2004

Various artists "Homemade Hits V. 1"

Pop! Kittridge's new sampler, Homemade Hits, V. 1, is an awesome collection of indiepop, indie rock, new wave and just downright weird music, and I love every minute of it! This collection is dedicated to both Michael Landucci and Stewart Anderson, and this is an important thing to note, as both of these fellows had influential labels (Blackbean & Placenta and 555, both now defunct), and both clearly influenced Kittridge and the artists on Homemade Hits. It's hard not to listen to this record and not think of those two long-gone labels.

Indeed, there are a few bands on this collection who were involved with BBPTC. These include Boothby (who were once A Boy Named Thor), Persons, The National Splits and Rose for Bohdan. (Lunchbox was on 555 as well). One of the bittersweet realizations from this collection is that had Blackbean waited a year or two, then they might have produced some records that easily could have brought the label a bit more recognition. Still, that's nothing to cry about; the times came, the times went, things changed, and the memories are there.

These memories of lo-fi pop, bedroom rock and 4-track genius are all over Homemade Hits, V. 1. While the lo-fi aesthetic is the common bond, you shouldn't expect all of these bands to sound the same. Indeed, you'll find tons of musical styles, which makes for interesting listening. You'll find straight ahead indie rock (Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti's "Want Me" and Holy Shit's "New Colors"), twee pop (Snoozer's "Me More," Lunchbox's "Fernruf"), new-wave inspired indie-pop (The National Splits' "Slowboat" and Boothby's "Diamond Ring"), and even some just downright weird stuff (Tugboat Fantastic!'s "Laughter and Forgetting" and Rose For Bohdan and Lil Pocketknife's "Pig Im").

Like most comps, not every song on this collection is a winner, but the quality of Homemade Hits V. 1 is high enough to where you won't really mind the lesser moments. With the "V. 1" portion of the title, I'm probably safe in assuming that more collections like this will be coming our way? I hope so! This is one fun little collection. Enjoy!

--Joseph Kyle

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