May 28, 2004

The Race "Rose"

You should consider Rose as an appetizer for a feast that's about to come. Chicago's The Race offers two songs from their forthcoming album, If You Can plus two unreleased numbers. "Rose" and "Sinking Feeling" are two smooth, chilly atmospheric rock that have a definite pop sensibility. They reach soaring rock heights but the temper it with the depths of depression. Comparisons to Radiohead have been made before, and there's a definite reason for that, though The Race aren't really imitating. From the lyrics I'm assuming that "Rose" is based loosely on the movie Titanic, but I can't be sure. "Sinking Feeling" is a bit more repetitive, with a brooding piano line and a lyrical focus on the phrase "You have the sinking feeling." The other two songs, "Little Babe" and "Pearl," are excellent as well. As far as tasters go, consider my interest piqued--can't wait to hear that full-length!

--Joseph Kyle

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