May 27, 2004

Sub Oslo "The RItes of Dub"

"This CD caused me to miss one of my morning classes one semester!"

These words were muttered by our very own Sean Padilla, and I think that he's summed up the entire mood of Sub Oslo's second album, The Rites of Dub This Denton band has been around for several years, quietly releasing records when the mood strikes them--three records in seven years? They aren’t rushing their career, you know, and it's perfectly fine with me. Besides, their music is substantial enough that you’re not left wanting more. After all, if it’s satisfying every time you listen to them, then why would you need more?

As you probably gathered from this record's title, Sub Oslo makes dub music. Heavy dub music. Dub music so tripped-out and deep that it's much, much more than dub music--we're talking about a weird hybrid of space rock and electronica. Don't worry about such things, though--all you really need to know is that Sub Oslo is very, very, very trippy, and that once you start listening to The Rites of Dub, then your mind is QUICKLY going to relax and float downstream.

If you're worried that Sub Oslo's groove might become monotonous, don't. Sure, their songs are all epic--none of them are under the seven minute mark--but they slowly reveal different elements throughout their songs. Like an onion, there are many layers to Sub Oslo's music. Part of their magic is the fact that they're not in any hurry to ntroduce these elements. For instance, "Sep Dub" begins with a definite dub groove, but over the next eleven minutes, they temper it with a bit of harmonica, drums, guitar, synths and, by song's end, some drum & bass beats. It's all done quite quietly, and it takes a listen or two for you to really appreciate the depths of their music.

And yes, they're very, very mellow. You really should not drive to The Rites of Dub, ESPECIALLY at night. Sub Oslo will definitely lure you into a relaxed state, and I think that's the point. This is a heady journey into the state of relaxation, and it's a wonderful ride.

(PS. Sean just graduated from college with an excellent GPA, so Sub Oslo's powerful groove didn't hinder him in any way.)

--Joseph Kyle

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