May 10, 2004

Owen "(The EP)"

Mike Kinsella makes pretty music. His work with the challenging yet engaging Joan of Arc, the one-off classic American Football, and his records released as Owen all possess a beauty that's quite distinctive, and (The EP) is no exception. Though it's a brief, five-song affair, that doesn't mean it's short on the elements that have made Kinsella praiseworthy. (The EP) is a bit different, though; unlike his previous records, these songs sound a lot like Joan of Arc without the weird jazzy moments, and that's quite okay. If brother Tim had warbled "Skin And Bones" or "In The Morning, Before Work," they would easily be some of his best songs, period--and it doesn't do Mike any injustice, either! The same could be said about the rest of (The EP) as well. The songs are all beautiful, mellow and distinct, containing a dark, melancholy atmosphere that makes this feel like a grey, rainy day.

(The EP) is a too brief yet wonderfully filling record that will leave you wanting more.

--Joseph Kyle

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