May 20, 2004

Modulator "Don't hold out on me"

Modulator is a great new little band from Texas that’s really into that new-wave thing. Don’t Hold Out On Me is a three-song blast of pure new-wave pop-rock, and it’s easy to fall for them. Their music is pop-rock with plenty of synths and topped off with the really sweet singing of Julie Omran. Throw in production from producer Ed Bueller (Pulp/Suede/Psychedelic Furs), and you’ve got a great sounding little record. The only problem, though, is that their music is almost too sweet; two of their songs, “Major Malfunction” and “You’re So Analog,” are cutesy little songs that relate human emotions in computer terms—which, of course, is a quick way to tag yourself as a novelty act. That’s what I fear for Modulator—their music is too good to be considered ‘novelty,’ and when they break from the cute computer-minded theme on “Don’t Hold Out On Me,” they sound a lot better. With some time and maybe some non-computer nerd-minded ideas, then Modulator could present the world with a really great album.

--Joseph Kyle

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