February 27, 2004

Hanalei "Hurricane We"

This EP starts out with an amazing sadcore travelogue of the US in song form. It fully elaborates on the miles involved when missing someone far away. There is some great songwriting on this record, most notably 'Hopeful Hands' which, sadly, is the EP's weakest track musically. This track sounds like a Books song with Brian Moss singing over top of electronic samples. Unfortunately, it seems as though he can't quite keep up with the beats laid down. The other tracks are far stronger offerings and contain traces of Neil Halstead, Denison Witmer, and American Analog Set. "John Hughes Ending," the closing track, reminds me very much of Owen, both in lyrics and guitar work. I predict that the next release by Hanalei will blow this already very solid release away.

--Leigh Kelsey

Artist Website: http://www.theghostband.com/hanalei

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