February 11, 2004

Soiled Doves 'Soiled Life"

There's something kind of bittersweet about Soiled Life, the posthumous release by Soiled Doves, a band who never made it to their first release, and whose members went on to form the Chromatics, and lead singer Jonny went on to the Blood Brothers. Even though not every song here is that good or original, there's plenty of evidence that these kids had a lot of promise. While several of the songs fall squarely in the lap of many bands who were inspired by bands such as Jesus Lizard or At the Drive-In, when they turned on their rhythm machine, they sounded hot, and songs like "Soiled Doves" and "Black Cactus Choir," prove that Soiled Doves were more than mere imitation. They remind me of what Hot Hot Heat sounded like before they became the Next Big Thing. A testament to what could have been, Soiled Life is a good, brief and fitting epitaph for the band that never was.

--Joseph Kyle

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