February 28, 2004

The Atlantic Manor "Failing By The Second"

R. Sell is The Atlantic Manor, and he's just gone through a divorce. Failing By The Second is his divorce record. Divorce produces art--some of it brilliant, some of it not. I do not feel it appropriate to critique an artist for something that's obviously pointed and difficult for them--heck, I even question the need for an artist even releasing a record that's wrought and heavy with such pointed emotional pain. He works through his issue in a lo-fi, country, folk and occasionally rock style, and titles such as "Every Thing Can Die Today," "No One Cares About Your Feelings" and "Broken Bones Heal" should clue you in to Sell's feelings. I know that while Failing By The Second is not an easy listen, I do sympathize with Mr. Sell, and I want to say, "I feel ya, brother--it's gonna be OK, man." Not for everyone, but if you want a snapshot of a man obviously going through great pain, Failing By The Second won't let you down.

--Joseph Kyle

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