February 23, 2004

Blue Orchids "The Greatest Hit"

Reissue label's LTM's greatest gift has been introducing the world to the left-for-dead pop band Blue Orchids. They would have certainly been forgotten had the label not made a case over two archival releases. Tempered with the 'greatest hits' record A Darker Bloom--reissued in 2002 on Cherry Red--LTM have practically proven the case that Blue Orchids were one of the better bands of the early 1980s. The Greatest Hit is an expanded reissue of Blue Orchids' only album, and it's a welcome addition to the canon. Though a majority of the material found on The Greatest Hit was included on A Darker Bloom, several album songs were omitted. The missing tracks have been added, as have the classic "Disney Boys"and "Work" singles and excellent EP Agents of Change. As an added bonus, LTM have unearthed a super-rare Nico updated version of "All Tomorrow's Parties" from 1982, featuring Blue Orchids drummer Toby and guitarist Rick Goldstraw--even more incredible because it was long assumed that no recordings existed from the time when Blue Orchids served as her backing band. The Greatest Hit is a nice addition to this missing piece of Blue Orchids' history, setting the stage nicely for their well-deserved comeback.

--Joseph Kyle

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