February 03, 2004

Matches FC "Matches FC"

Matches FC is born out of the ashes of Five Second Flat, too many smoked cigarettes and a few too many hungover mornings. With New York's recent rediscovery of rock and roll music, it's not a real surprise that a band like Matches FC would come into being. Though they've got a propensity for 'rock' music, thankfully they've got a few more brain cells than a lot of the CRAP that's being excreted in the name of ROCK.

Matches FC, their debut EP, is very much a debut record. It's easy to see that Matches FC has some growing to do, but at the same time it's apparent they've got their feet pointed in the right direction, so it's not a total loss. Blending power-pop crunch with a nice edge of Costello, this trio provides a nice blast of retro-pop over four songs. These songs are surprisingly engaging, and it's easy to get hooked; crunk up in your stereo, they sound even nicer.

"Hot Sugar" is a hot little number that kicks off the EP, and it's got a really great groove. "She Makes Me" is the best of the lot; with a great lyrical bite, some killer harmonies and a nice crunchy guitar riff, everything is ON, and it's nice. "Bad Decision" is a little retro-rock number that will grow on you nicely. The final cut, "Come On Over," is the weakest of the bunch; it needs a little bit of polish, but for a new band, three out of four ain't bad. (There's a secret cut that's a brief instrumental of "Hot Sugar" that sounds like it was recorded live, and it's GREAT.)

Though the only prescription that I can give to Matches FC is growth, time and some more live shows, I'm not writing them off yet. In fact, I'm eager to hear what they will sound like six months from now. A nice and promising little debut.

--Joseph Kyle

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