February 14, 2004

Tiger Lou "Trouble & Desire"

Tiger Lou is a promising young Swedish singer/songwriter, and Trouble and Desire, his four song debut, certainly hints at future greatness. With a hint of atmospheric pop--not unlike Coldplay or a more restrained Jeff Buckley--Tiger Lou belts out these songs with a sedate intensity that mutes the bleakness. Though he treads the Britpop style on "Sam, As In Samantha" and "Trouble and Desire," he's actually quite upbeat on the other two tracks, "Nova Lee" and "When I Was a Kid." Tiger Lou's style may play it a little too close to Britpop, but don't let that distract you from the fact that Trouble and Desire is a nice teaser from a young man who could (and probably should) take the world by storm with his debut album

--Joseph Kyle

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