February 02, 2004

Upstate "The Missing Soundtrack"

This all-too-brief soundtrack to independent film Missing also serves as the low-key debut for Dayton, Ohio's Upstate. This five-man combo specializes in dark rock, with a hint of folk and a nice round or two of harmony. Being from Dayton, it's no surprise to find a little bit of shade cast down upon them from the Fading Captain's shadow, but it's not really overwhelming. It's a promising debut, even if it feels like a demo; the vocals and harmonies are excellent, especially on "Falling Missles" and "Shaking Badly Anthem." With a mix of really murky instrumental accompaniment, the songs on Missing are brooding, dark and disturbing. The songs aren't really polished, and that helps to give the songs that more ominous edge. The only real complaint to be had is that the vocals seemed to get a little bit same-sounding, but getting lead vocals from the other two singers would help to break the sameness to the songs. This is a debut record, though; as they are currently working on their debut album proper, it's not something to fret about right now.

--Joseph Kyle

Label Website: http://www.friendlypsychicsmusic.com

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