April 05, 2005

Sparkwood "Jalopy Pop!"

Austin, Texas' Sparkwood are pop masters. It's obvious that they've grown up listening to the right records; you'll hear everything from the Posies to Jellyfish to Ben Folds Five. These are good things, mind you; though their music is instantly recognized as retro-pop, it's hard to fault them for their sweet tooth, because what they do, they do well. The harmonies are tight; the lyrics are fun and funny, and there's just a wonderfully sunny disposition to Jalopy Pop. When you've got songs like "D" and "Checklist" and "In Your Lovin' Arms," who needs prozac? They have all kinds of little toys and tricks for your ears to enjoy; a clarinet here, tons of harmonies there, and other little sonic tricks that will keep your attention. It's sweet and yummy and pretty and all those things you wish most retro-pop bands were. Not a bum note in the lot, I tells ya.

--Joseph Kyle

Artist Website: http://www.sparkwood.com

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