February 17, 2004

Various Artists "DFA Compilation #1"

Dear hipster college kids--

It is not a crime to dance. Getting down and dirty is not going to kill you. It's not going to be your end. When your fav-o-rite bands play live, what do you think these band members think about when they see a blank, sullen audience just STANDING THERE with all the reserve of a group of sixth graders at their first boy/girl dance? I can guarantee you one thing: the bands feel the rejection, even if you love 'em.

Well, the dance produciton/remix team of DFA really want to make your day. They've been making music that's hip enough for you, yet groovy enough for people who just so happen to not like you because you're boring and you can't feel the groove. One half of the duo used to be a kingpin of indie-rock legends that never were Speedking, so he knows how lonely and cold and emotionless you indie-rock audiences can be. They understand how hipsters can't dance, and they really want to correct it--haven't you been drawn into by the hip reference to Jimmy Webb in The Juan Maclean's "By The Time I Get To Venus?" Anyway, these fellows want to make the indie world dance again, and I'm all for it. Don't worry, it really works out for the best, too; the duo understands how you need to move your body, shake your body body body, feel the groove and get in the mood SHAKE IT GIRL SHAKE IT NOW get down low down low let me in to your body of sin.....oh, I'm sorry about that, the rhythm is addictive, more addictive than crack, when I listen, I don't know how to act...

DAMN IT, Joseph, get back on track here!

Okay, folks, I hope you don't mind; I've had to turn off the CD so that I can talk about it. It's easy to get lured into its sexy, seductive beat; like the siren songs of yore, once you are drawn in, you can never leave, and this little compilation clearly proves that all of the hype around DFA is most deserving. These songs are all collected from several 12" dance singles they've put out over the past year or two, and it's a stunningly cohesive work. About the only time they're not totally dance-oriented are the two Black Dice cuts; even then, there's a new rhythmic pulse that their music didn't have before. The other bands include The Rapture, LCD Soundsystem and The Juan Maclean, and all of them are fine, fine artists.

DFA. Short for 'dance for America.' Or is it "Dancing Fixes Anything?" Maybe "Dancing For All?" Yeah, I like that last one. But you know what makes DFA stand out? It's the fact that they don't want to be indie-rock chic--they would rather be Chic. (Would someone please call Nile Rodgers? These three need to get together!) DFA Compilation #1 is a great little mixer, fun for all you indie kids and you ravers who want to boogaloo. Or electric slide. Or moonwalk. Or the Robot. Or Harlem shuffle.

Joseph "Can't Dance" Kyle

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