February 16, 2004

The Paper Champions "s/t"

The Paper Champions' self-titled debut EP is a nice little taste of that ubiquitous modern-rock sound. Though I could see some people saying, "ohhh...those guys are emooooo....ewww.......," that would be a bit unfair to these guys, because they're actually pretty good. Opening "Words & Inaction" is the best of the lot, a clean mix, nice and tight guitars and harmonies, and a really friendly sound. "Burning Quiet" and "Dieseling Days" are pretty good, if not a little bit lesser than the first number; "Dieseling Days" burns with a nice, quiet intensity, before releasing all of its angst/anger/pain/emotional goo in a powerful little finish. Some may scoff at emo, but a good song is always the most important thing, regardless of genre. A nice, promising little record (if not a bit limiting due to its brevity) from a young band. Good job, guys!

--Joseph Kyle

Artist Website: http://www.thepaperchampions.com

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