February 18, 2004

Snoozer "Winter Stops All Sound"

Snoozer is the singular vision of one Susie Ghahremani, and it's a really nice vision, too. Winter Stops All Sound is her first new record in some time, and it's the first I've heard of her. Apparently she's prolific in a Boyracer/Bob Pollard kind of way, she specializes in a nice little lo-fi new wave/indiepop mix, at times not unlike the gone-but-not-forgotten Godzuki. Don't let the 'lo-fi' bit scare you off, though, because these songs sound REAL good. "Labor Day" kicks off the record with a really nice pulsing drum beat, tempered with an even nicer keyboard melody. Even though she's recorded most everything by herself, she doesn't fall guilty of the traps of many one-man bands. "Write You" sounds like a long-lost Breeders outtake, and "Winterclothes" reminds me of another one of my favorite musicians, Mirah. She's got a keen ear and a great voice, too. Even though it's criminally short (thirteen minutes for six songs?? Oh Susie how you do tease us!) Winter Stops All Sound is an all around great record, and it makes me want to hear more!

--Joseph Kyle

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