October 03, 2004

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we're now known as http://www.pressplayrecord.com and not mundane sounds.


kikcoconut said...

Mr. Joseph!!! Guess what?! I just discovered Voxtrot and found that they have a myspace profile. Now, on that profile is a list of supportive websites and such, and what do you know, my little Mr. Joseph's mundanesounds is on there. I'm so proud. Small world huh? I miss hearing from you, but I guess that's my fault, not frequenting the forum anymore or logging onto AIM. But, I am logging onto IM more now so hopefully we'll meet online again. So long for now and keep up the awesomeness.
aka kikcoconut :)

btw, your email address doesn't work, so that's why I had to post this here.

staskel said...

you are a hell of writer and loved the stereolab review which is quite true. being a musician attempting to sustain life based off of music (or so i assume) how did you get this far. what steps have you taken and what do plan to do? from what i've read that i put into the post about the cocker spaniels you are one of the few purists left in music and am really interested to know how you have gotten this far along as a performer/artist.

bob pollard forever,
ryan (poponparade)