September 30, 2004

Fancey "fancey"

What with this whole 60s/70s nostalga thing going on, it was only a matter of time before someone went and made a mid-70s inspired pop-rock album. Leave it to New Pornographer Todd Fancey to do just that. You better like sensitive soft rock, too, because Fancey is about as sensitive and soft-rock gets. Throw in a penchant for 80s pop—I’m reminded of the Ocean Blue, actually—and you’ve got a really great little record on your hands here. It sounds great, of course, in a Air Supply kind of way. There are some really, really great songs on here; I’m a real sucker for “Sunbrite” and “Strayed Out,” and I really flipped when I heard “’Til The Morning Comes,” too—it’s simply simple pop music. It’s sunny and bright and upbeat and that better be what you want, because that’s all Todd’s got.

The only flaw with Fancey is that it sometimes sounds a bit monotonous. The formula's the same throughout the album, but that’s okay; it’s a short record, and you’ll be too busy hitting repeat after each juicy sweet number. Still, I can’t complain; I wish every ‘side project’ sounded this nice!

--Joseph Kyle

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