October 11, 2004

The Gurus "The Gurus"

Barcelona's The Gurus have no ulterior motives--they simply want to classic-rock you. Their self-titled debut is a fifteen-song slab of tasty, slightly psyched-out jangle-pop. Unless you were told, you'd never know these guys were from Spain, either--their sound is spot-on British Invasion-meets-Laurel Canyon folk-rock. They've got it all: tight, tuneful melodies, drop-dead harmonies and a charm that makes you think it's 1966 all over again. Really--their sound is so indebted to the Byrds and/or the Hollies, less-knowing listeners could be fooled into thinking the Gurus' sound is vintage. Don't think they're copycats of one particular sound, though; "Kamala" parts one and two launch off into space-rock territory that sounds quite nice--and is thoroughly modern, too.

Though The Gurus is a great-sounding record, their sound doesn't sustain itself over fifteen tracks, and the album wears down rather quickly. Don't worry about it, though; taken in small doses, the record's still undeniably poppy and fresh. Besides, you really shouldn't miss "It's Only Love," either--it takes its title from a Beatles song, but they make it their own. Look forward to hearing a more refined record from these guys in the future--and from what you'll hear on The Gurus, that's a great promise!

--Joseph Kyle

Label Website: http://www.rainbowquartz.com

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