October 18, 2004

Year Future "The Hidden Hand"

Sonny Kay's (Angel Hair/The VSS/GSL Records) newest project, Year Future, offers us three new songs, and from the quality of the material, I wonder why these guys simply haven't gotten around to going full-out for a full length. These songs are hard, in-your-face and compelling, but with a difference--they're dark and they're coated in post-punk atmosphere. It's not screamy, it's not preachy, but it's some of the most politically informed commentary I've heard in quite some time. "Nature Unveiled" is a song about society's tendency to drug itself into submission in order to simply cope with life: "If our senses served our sentences then 'truth' wouldn't be the consequence of prescription-written invitations." Deep! The other two songs, "Police Yourself" and "The Hidden Hand," are rants about the government, and though they're as in-your-face as the first song, music-wise they're not as strong. Still, The Hidden Hand shows that they're growing and maturing quite nicely; if they keep it up, they'll wind up leaving a nice impression on the bland, boring "punk rock" scene. God, I hope so.

--Joseph Kyle

Artist Website: http://www.yearfuture.net
Label Website: http://www.goldstandardlabs.com

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