October 04, 2004

84 Nash "Come Grow With us"

For those of you that are really diggin’ on the new Thermals album, I’ve got news for you: A band from Ohio called 84 Nash have been writing songs just as catchy if not more so for the past ten years or so. (I swear there’s something in the water in Dayton….) Their “new” album, Come Grow With Us is proof. It’s not so much a new album; it’s more a reissue of select songs off their first two albums, which only existed on cassette until now. 84 Nash are kings of the four-track machine. Don’t let anyone tell you different! This comp kicks off with a track called “Good to be Here”, which is each member of the band talking all at once in goofy jazz musician voices telling the listener over and over again that it is “good to be here”. Afterward, it launches right into the awesome one minute Stooges-meets-GBV jam of “Freak For the Good Sound.” 84 Nash keeps it coming…for twenty-two more songs…. Boy, these guys can write a pop song! “Be My God” and “Pawning the Collectibles” are easily two of the best songs I’ve heard in the past 26 years. However, in all of Come Grow with Us’s awesomeness, it has one flaw. Track 8, “Pinewood Derby” probably should have been saved for the box set. Still, 22/23 ain’t bad.

-Kyle Sowash

Artist Website: http://www.84nash.com

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