October 27, 2004

Tree of Snakes "Peanut Butter & Smelly"

Columbus, Ohio’s Tree of Snakes have finally released something. The band’s beer-soaked three-chord-basement indie punk has been getting Ohio drunk for the past three years or so, and now we get a release from them. 8 songs, each clocking in at under 2:00. Yet, much to our surprise….it’s acoustic! While quite a departure from their usual stylings, Unplugged really works for them. It sounds wonderful, too. It showcases the band’s songwriting in a different light. These guys are not out to prove anything; they’re having a great time, and it shows. One listen to this disc will tell you that Tree of Snakes are definitely a great time. The songs are catchier than the flu, most notably “Serious Knife Fight” and “Earl”. The album’s closer, “Beerless in Seattle” comes all too quickly (each song being under two minutes), but word on the street is that these dudes are going to release a rock album at the beginning of the year. Keep your ear to the ground for that, and while you’re waiting, pick up Unplugged.

--Kyle Sowash

Label Website: http://www.usedkids.com

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