October 24, 2004

Method and Result "The Things You Miss"

The husband and wife duo The Method and Result have really made a mark for themselves. On their debut EP, The Things You Miss, they offer 6 songs of excellence sure to make you remember them by. The group succeeds at what the Dismemberment Plan tried to pull off during the latter part of their career with the help of their drum machine’s precision. As you'd expect, tricky time signatures and clever lyrics run rampant on this disc. Frontwoman Megan Wendel tackles topics from admiring strangers “Party List” to playing it safe “Safety Scissors”. Lyric of the week (from “Party List”): “I think I like you but I don’t know why/it comes and goes”. All in all, a wonderful release. My only gripe is that its too short. -

--Kyle Sowash

Artist Website: http://www.methodandresult.com

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