March 21, 2006

SXSW Report #7: The Double @ Mrs. Bea's Patio

Although the Double’s set at Mrs. Bea’s patio was technically part of an afternoon show, I consider it the first evening set I saw on Wednesday because the sky was completely dark when they started playing. Last year, this Brooklyn quartet came into its own as both a recording entity and a live band. Their latest album Loose in the Air garnered many Interpol comparisons (due mainly to bassist David Greenhill’s throaty warble) but, in my opinion, both the band’s ear for melody and distortion fetish put it closer to mid-period Flaming Lips. I find it strange that one of Matador Records’ best and newest bands didn’t land a spot on the official showcase that the label held at Stubb’s that evening. They’re certainly a better pick than, say, Jennifer O’Connor. Alas, merely setting Mrs. Bea’s ablaze would have to do for them. They played a much noisier (and sloppier) set than they did the last two times I saw them. The second song, “What Sound It Makes the Thunder,” couldn’t have had a more appropriate name. During it and many other songs, the band sounded like their amps were about to secrete streams of liquid fuzz at any moment. There were some technical difficulties and off-key vocals, but overall the Double wrecked shop!

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