March 19, 2006

My Newest Song Obsession!

I now have a Best Song Ever. I heard this song this morning, obsessed over it from listen number one, realized the song's true greatness this afternoon, and decided to share it with you this evening. The band is The Orchids, an indie-pop band from Scotland who were one of Sarah Records' flagship acts, and were one of the best indie-pop bands of the late 80s and early 90s. I'll write a much more extensive review of their records in a forthcoming post, but I wanted to share this little nugget:

Listen To: "What Will We Do Next?"

This song is two minutes and fifty-three seconds of pure aural ecstasy. The chiming guitars recall--but never merely imitate--the classic West Coast sound of the mid 1960s; the lyrics are revelatory of a young man's confusion and frustration, yet the words are somehow uplifiting and idealistic. The music is as bright as a sunny day, grey as a foggy morning, and just damn near perfect. This song--I know it's cliche to say that a song should have been a hit, but in this case, it should have been a hit--and considering the British music scene was dominated by bands making anthemic, retro-inspired pop like The La's and the Stone Roses makes the song's obscurity even more puzzling. The song was released in September 1989, but it doesn't sound dated, and my hope is that passing it on to you now will make it come alive again. Music is the best, of course, and it deserves to live.

So take a listen, and become obsessed, and pass it on!

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