March 20, 2006

SXSW Report #5: Meneguar @ Mrs. Bea's Patio

After the Skeletons' set on Wednesday afternoon, I walked back to Mrs. Bea’s to see Meneguar. I’d been looking forward to seeing this Brooklyn quintet live ever since a friend turned me on to them about a month ago. Their debut EP I Was Born at Night is a thrilling blend of the hooky hollering of Superchunk and the pitch-imperfect guitar interplay of the Swirlies. Why they didn’t get an official SXSW showcase is beyond me. They made up for it, though, by playing four day shows this week, of which this was the first and only one I saw.

Their sound wasn’t as huge live as it is on CD, but that was probably because none of their instruments were miked. Nonetheless, they played with just as much energy and precision as I expected them to. Their EP’s first two songs (“House of Cats” and “Kids Get Cut”) are their best and, fittingly, they got the most response from the crowd.

NYC indie-pop scene queen Shirley Braha filmed their set for her “New York Noise” program. I'm pretty sure it was tough for her to keep still while holding the camera.

Meneguar are already on the verge of greatness, and I have the feeling that they’ll only get better from this point. By this time next year, music bloggers all over the country should be creaming over them.

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