March 29, 2006

Southern Arts Society "Southern Arts Society"

I've spent most of this dull and grey Wednesday afternoon listening to the excellent self-titled debut of Spain's Southern Arts Society. A big part of the reason why I'm in love with this record is because it reminds me a lot of Piano Magic. There's a reason for that, though; not only does the group share a label with Piano Magic, but Glen Johnson, the mastermind of Piano Magic, appears on here. Oh, and so does occasional PM collaborator Angèle David Guillou. Even though they appear only on two tracks, the influence is definitely there. Mastermind Andrew Jarman has the power to capture a depressing mood, and all throughout his debut album, he does so quite deftly. Haunting atmospheres and melancholy melodies gently encasing thought provoking lyrics sung by depressed boys and sultry girls, mixed with lightly pulsating electronics and ever-so-subtle beats? How could I resist?!

Listen to: "Heart Shaped Shrine"
Listen to: "Turbulent Heart"

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