March 27, 2006

SXSW Report #23: The Weird Weeds @ the Spiderhouse Cafe

Running on a mere four hours of sleep, I began Friday afternoon by trekking to the Spiderhouse Café to watch the Weird Weeds kick off the I Eat Records party. If you don’t already know how dear this Austin trio is to Joseph and I, you really don't read this site. This was the 11th time I've seen them play live, and they played one of their better sets. Guitarist Aaron Russell even gave me an opportunity to make whatever changes I wanted to their set list, but I chose not to because they played every song that I wanted to hear at that point. They played my three favorites songs from last year’s Hold Me (“Paratrooper Seed,” “$50,” “Holy Train Wrecks”), two songs from their recent EP This Is Not What You Want and a smattering of songs that will appear on Weird Feelings, the album they’re due to release in August. Aside from a couple of flubbed words at the end of the countrified “Broken Arm,” their set was perfect. They looked like they could get swallowed up by the huge stone columns and disorganized plant life that surrounded the outdoor stage. It was the perfect setting for their tense, pastoral music.

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