August 18, 2006

Brother Juniper

This is a nice find! I happened upon the myspace page for Brother Juniper, and I have to say that I am thoroughly impressed! I haven't found much information on the band, other than it's a guy named Travis Souza, and that he's based in England. Or maybe he's an American who is residing in England? I really can't say. Seems plausible. Regardless, his music is mellow and it's sad and it's really really pretty. It's kind of Neil Young-ish, but with a darker, more haunting vibe to it. It's worth checking out. The songs I'm posting, "Poor Mosquito" and "Peasant's Grandeur," are haunting epics that I've found myself listening to over and over again. The other songs are also ace.

Listen To: Poor Mosquito
Listen To: The Peasant's Grandeur


Anonymous said...

where can i hear more? i've tried everything and found nothing.

joseph kyle said...

the only thing i can tell you is check out his myspace. he's got a few great songs on there.