September 10, 2004

the playwrights "dislocated"

I know a lot of people who are making a big deal about Bristol band The Playwrights. From excited teenagers to grumpy failed indiepop stars, The Playwrights have definitely captured people's interests--including yours truly! This little single may be all too brief, but it will instantly let you know what these kids are up to. "Dislocated" is an excellent pop song that recalls both the early 1980s and the sloppy rock of early 1990s Pavement. In short, it's one of the better songs this year, and is easily one of the most perfect single sides of 2004. The flipside, "Welcome To The Middle Ages," though not quite as pulsatingly thrilling as the A-side, is still a quick one-two punch rocker that's over in done in barely two minutes that's enhanced by some great trumpet! Am I excited about the Playwrights? YES. Should you be? YES! Do you need this single? HELL YES. Will you get it? Considering it's a limited edition of 500, you better get your ass in gear if you want it.

--Joseph Kyle

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