September 21, 2004

Blue sparks 'blue sparks'

New York's Blue Sparks make pretty good music. Their sound reminds me of any number of poppy alternative rock that should have big big ten years ago (think Belly and Eve's Plumb), but don't think they sound terribly dated; although their music does lack a little bit of flare, I chalk that up more to youth than I do to anything else. They've got a really great boy/girl vocal exchange that I really like, too. The vocals are really good--the only time they slip is when the boy sings on "Car Crash" and"Match Their Weight," and that's not because he can't sing--it's because the vocals of Alana Amram and Kerry Kennedy are so awesome! Check out the really great "August" and "Paint It Gold" too. A young band that's wowing people now, but it'll be interesting to see where they'll be with a little more growth.

--Joseph Kyle

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