September 07, 2004

jukeboxer 'in the food chain'

In my book, New York's Jukeboxer really takes the cake. Their debut album, In The Food Chain, is a treat of soft, gentle vocals and even softer, gentler washes of electronic and acoustic melodies. Noah Wood is the main man behind Jukeboxer, though he does have the occasional assistance of his friends on tabla and vocals. He throws in some really interesting musical choices, such as the tabla and banjo (I believe) on "Banj," the Eastern sounds of "Dooey," and the lo-fi trippy "Missing Link" is quite nice, too. The only problem is that there's really nothing more than that; there are plenty of interesting ideas on In The Food Chain, but they've not been arranged into an organized form, the album occasionally feels unfocused and one-dimensional. Still, I don't think I should complain too much, as the music itself is really quite pretty and enjoyable and soothing. With a little time and a bit more focus, I have every confidence that Jukeboxer will make an album that will be both quite beautiful AND utterly impressive. In the Food Chain is a good but flawed debut album.

--Joseph Kyle

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