September 14, 2004

model citizen "the inner fool"

On the cover of The Inner Fool is a pint of beer. That's all there is, and that pretty much sums up the M.O. of Model Citizen. Looking at the picture of the band, I wouldn't be surprised if they want nothing more than to play for beer. Listening to the record, my suspicions are confirmed--these guys are the new breed of bar band. They've got the indie-rock coolness thing down, but they've got the classic-rock heart. The Inner Fool would appeal to fans of both Journey and GBV. The songs "Rich Man in Hell" and "The Inner Fool" (which sounds suspiciously like a sped-up and Slash-less version of "Sweet Child O'Mine") are pretty tight. The rest of the record is just as crunchy, if not a little bit monotonous in terms of the sound, and the only problem I have is that the singer's grunting vocals are simply straining and are annoyingly affected. When he doesn't strain too hard on "Mickey Mod," he sounds great. Otherwise, he sounds constipated. I bet these guys rock live.

--Joseph Kyle

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