September 17, 2004

To Rococo Rot "hotel morgen"

Hotel Morgen, To Rococo Rot’s sixth album, is a masterpiece of simple electronic beats and computerized sound. Much like Mouse on Mars, this German group has seemingly found their second wind, resulting in albums that are as surprising as they are pleasant. That’s certainly the case with Hotel Morgen, an excellent-if not seemingly brief and charmingly simple-follow-up to 2001’s Music Is a Hungry Ghost. It feels brief because, like most of their work, To Rococo Rot has made a virtue out of sticking to simple formulas and rhythmic patterns. Keeping their music simple and concise--and gorgeous--has resulted in a cohesive and beautiful record with a seamless flow that never dulls out the listener. True, to the average music listener, songs like "Tal" and "Miss You" might sound like slightly beat-oriented background music. Such a notion might seem dismissive to more serious-minded musos, that's what Hotel Morgen is--beautiful and enjoyable electronic music that's meant to soothe and entertain. Nothing more, nothing less--and mission accomplished.

--Joseph Kyle

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