July 06, 2006

Various Artists "Little Darla Has A Treat For You, v. 24: Endless Summer Edition"

There's a LOT of music on the latest installment of Darla Records's Little Darla Has a Treat For You. For the first time in the history of the series, the collection is different, in two remarkable ways. One, it's a two-CD set, and two, all but two of the songs are completely exclusive. The series began as a cheap, affordable way to promote the records that Darla released and/or distributed, but they started adding some choice unreleased tracks, which made the series both a worthwhile purchase AND a collector's item, especially for their then-flagship band, My Morning Jacket. (The exclusives that My Morning Jacket provided really justify searching high and low for the earlier volumes.) If you've ever wanted a record that covered almost every form of indie-rock, then you'll find it here. Indie-pop, electronica, indie-rock, experimental, and everything in between…it's all here! There's way too much to discuss in terms of this collection, but there are some really, really choice selections from Robin Guthrie, Boyracer, Twin Atlas, Beatnik Filmstars, Faris Nourallah, Mahogany, The Orchids, Manual, New Radiant Storm King, Yellow6, and dozens, dozens more. Here's a little taste, posted for your enjoyment!

Listen To: Beatnik Filmstars- "I Am A Soul Singer

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