July 24, 2006

Lisa Germano "In the Maybe World"

Violin-playing chanteuse Lisa Germano has returned from obscurity, breaking a three year silence with a new record, In the Maybe World, and on a surprisingly appropriate new label, Young God. Unlike her previous album, the overwrought Lullaby for Liquid Pig, this new collection is a concise, succinct collection that's not weighted down by tedious numbers that don't seem to differ much from the song before it. In the Maybe World doesn't differ very much from previous Lisa Germano records, which means pretty songs with complex lyrics written in an extremely simple manner. Deceptively simple music is what she's best at, and after the previous misstep, it's good to see her return to form. Unlike previous records, there's not an obvious theme connecting the songs; although there is a general theme of death and loss throughout, death and loss are not new subjects for Germano. The saddest song, of course, is "Golden Cities," which honor her beloved cat and occasional collaborator, Miamo-Tutti. Other highlights include the gorgeous title track, the sad breakup song, "Too Much Space," and the heartbreakingly simple "After Monday," which is one of this year's best weepers. But, then again, every Germano song is a weeper, whether it's a song of sadness or a song of happiness, and it's good to know that she is still making beautiful, haunting music.

If you know her work, then you already know what to expect from In the Maybe World. If you don't know her work, then this album should serve as an excellent introduction to this unique, undervalued talent.

Listen To: Too Much Space

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