July 14, 2006

Mister Joseph Has A Mix For You: The Summer Edition!

It's hot outside. You need to chill out. Let's do this for you, shall we? We shall. Here is a CD's worth of quality chill-out music, and I highly suggest you check out the artists in question. It'll totally be worth your while. So relax, go fix yourself whatever it is that you like to drink, and enjoy this collection of songs that will help you keep cool during these hot summer days!

1. Don Peris: "Day Trip"
2. Loscil: "Zephyr"
3. Gregg Kowalsky: "Coral Gables (Live)"
4. Yellow6: "Mulen Morgonen Gor Ofta Klar Dag"
5. Brian McBride: "A Gathering to Lead Me Then You're Gone"
6. Robin Guthrie: "The Day Star"
7. ISAN: "First Date Jumble Sale (Live)"
8. The Lancaster Orchestra: "New-Found Friends"
9. Kammerflimmer Kollektief: "There's a Weight on You, But You Can't Feel It"
10. Ulrich Schnauss: "There's a Lie for Breakfast"
11. Signaldrift: "Missed But Hopeful"
12. Manual: "Astoria"
13. The Cocteau Twins: "Circling Girl"
14. I Am Robot And Proud: "The Electricity In Your House Wants to Sing
15. The Drift: "Invisible Cities:
16. The Montgolfier Brothers "Journey's End"

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