July 10, 2006

Montys Loco "Man Overboard"

Wow. I received Man Overboard, the latest record from Swedish duo Montys Loco, and I have to say that it's a breathtaking experience. Encased in a black velvet sleeve, this brief album requires but one listen to make a lasting impression. Man Overboard starts off with "Borderline," which sounds a lot like a Kate Bush outtake/tribute, and just when you think that you've come to terms with the fact that the band makes ethereal pop music, they turn around and throw you a couple of curveballs; their style then delves into a more organic form, with a folky style reminiscent of recently deemed hypeworthy Swedish artists El Perro Del Mar and Jose Gonzales, but not really, as they simply refuse to sit still in one genre long enough to be deemed pigeonholed. Songs like "Accident" and "Give Me More" have a beat, but not really enough of one to be a 'dance' band, while "No Halo" and "Man Overboard" are mellow, gorgeous numbers that remind me a lot of later period Cardigans. Then there's the stripped down numbers like "Image," which are simple piano ballads. Man Overboard is a pretty, gorgeous record that is well worth seeking out, as it's simply a breathtaking work of simplistic beauty. (It's no surprise that The Cardigans recently took them on tour.)

Stream four songs at their Myspace page.

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