July 22, 2006

Sub Oslo

Last night, I was stressed OUT, big-time. Ever have one of those days where the only thing that went right was the fact that nothing went right? Yeah, it was one of those days. Luckily, I'd been going through some old boxes, and I happened upon a rather relaxing CD, by Denton-based dub band Sub Oslo. Now, this isn't your typical "dub" band; their grooves are heavier and deeper and more atmospheric than most, and their style recalls Mice Parade, Durutti Column, and the esteemed Kranky label. The band formed in 1996, and has lived a rather sporadic existence ever since. They released two excellent albums, Dubs in the Key of Life, the gorgeous The Rites of Dub, and a three-song 12" EP that's impossible to find and worth the search. Last night's groove-out to The Rites of Dub only cemented my faith that this obscure band is one of the best groups to come out of Denton, Texas. There's a depth to their music that is simply lacking in most instrumental music. Sub Oslo might be obscure, but it's a secret that's well worth sharing with everyone.

Listen to a few tracks, and see for yourself:

"Control This" (awesome live recording from 2006)
Sub Oslo vs. Bookshelf Speakers" (from The Rites of Dub)
"Celestial Dub" (from Dubs in the Key of Life)

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Sean Padilla said...

I actually have that 12-inch lol