July 05, 2006

Help out Stars of the Lid

From the official Myspace site for Stars of the Lid:

FIRE! On May 23rd, 2006, a candle left burning from an upstairs neighbor destroyed our home. As the fire engulfed the apartment above ours, I quickly assembled our cat carriers and found as many cats as I could. I was able to get all the cats out except one. Luckily, the remaining cat made it outside. My music studio was not so lucky. I write this because after much thought I have decided to swallow my pride and admit that I need your help. If you are a friend of my music or a listener of Stars of the Lid and you are on the fence about purchasing an album or even downloading a song, there is no doubt that your support will aid me immensely in rebuilding. THANK YOU ALL for all the kind words and emails that I have received. You may be glad to know that the new Stars of the Lid 3LP record is still safe and should be available hopefully before 2007.

People, if you haven't heard McBride's excellent solo album, When The Detail Lost Its Freedom, there's no better reason to do so than now. I named it one of the best records of 2005, and I still stand by that claim. What better way to help out an excellent musician by purchasing one of the best records of 2005?

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